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At TIER 2 we'll support you to explore beneficiaries longer term impact on their environments. This tier involves longitudinal research with peers, families, and other social networks. We'll build your capacity to design, commission, or direclty undertake follow-up studies. We'll work with you to develop your longer term evaluation strategies. It's at this stage where we begin to look more closely at beneficary outreach, and the role of community-based Peer researchers. We'll do this through:

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Tier 3 (blank)_edited_edited.png

Tier 4


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Tier 2

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Tier 1


Tier 3


Tier 2: Beneficiary impact on peers, family, and their social networks

Web Support _edited.png

Web-based Resources

  • 'How to' guides introducing your team to sampling, longitudinal data collection, focus groups and interviewsand pre- and post-intervention measurment

Consultancy _edited.png

Workshop Consultancy

  • An innovative consultancy model delivered to groups of charities where advice is tailored to those attending

Staff Training _edited.png

Staff and Volunteer Training

  • Development workshops to upskill your team and give them the knowhow to work with evaluation concepts and methods

Impact Networks _edited.png

Community Impact Networks

  • An opportunity to come together with like-minded charities to form bidding consortia and other collaborative approaches to delivery

Peer Researcher _edited.png

Peer Researcher Training 

  • Training sessions to equip your service users to become peer researchers and increase your reach into communities

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