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Impact Courses and Briefings

Module 1– A basic introduction

Module 1 covers the basics. You’ll be introduced to some of the concepts used in evaluation, as well as basic techniques used to collect data. It’s an interactive module, and you’ll be given the opportunity to think through the issues and how they apply to your work in practice.

Module 2 – Doing Evaluation in the Real World

Module 2 is about putting basic evaluation principles into practice. We’ll explore how different ways of collecting data produce different types of data, and how these tell us different things about our work. Knowing what you want data for is key, and we’ll examine how to design evaluations so that they give you the data you want, and need, to be an effective charity.

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Module 3 – Using data to support your charity

Module 3 offers a walk through some of the issues faced in using data to support your charity. This can be data to support funding bids, data to evidence your expertise in a particular area for commissioning, or data to show your supporters how important your service us to people using it.

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